Read what people are saying about Mike Consol's public speaking skills training and services

My word-of-mouth marketing talk in Austin went very well. Thanks for your help and counseling to get this right.

— Mike Faith, CEO,

Any reference from me would probably be way too lovey and gooey and not very professional, but in my book you flipping rock.

— Read Phillips, owner,
Beets Hospitality Group

Mike, not sure if all your guests feel that way (or if you do, for that matter), but to me it says a lot about you as a host, as I've done a number of radio interviews, and felt that this one was by far the most engaging and rich in content.

— David Peck, executive coach,
Goodstone Group

Mike, what a fantastic job moderating us all! I really liked the audience engagement and know that they walked away enlightened with new perspectives.

— Reena A. Jadhav, founder and CEO,

Mike, you did a great job Thursday night as emcee of the ECHO Awards. Good to see you again.

— Ann Blackburn,
Executive Advisory Forum

A great acknowledgment to you, Mike, for your great skill in hosting, keeping an energized pace among us all, balanced with allowing space to explore some of the subject areas in more depth.

— Joanne Brem, executive coach,
Joanne Brem & Co.

East Bay Commercial Real Estate Women was in search of a master of ceremonies for our awards event that would be professional, engaging, and entertaining. Mike Consol delivered on all fronts. He prepared in advance by learning about our program and award winners. He offered commentary throughout the program that was on point and at times humorous. And he engaged with crowd in a way that kept the program lively and interesting. Thank you, Mike, for helping to make our program such a success.

— Teresa Goodwin, president,
East Bay CREW

Speak and be heard

There's been a communication breakdown in American business. This becomes painfully apparent when business people repeatedly construct their speeches and meeting agendas around lists of features, benefits, financials and Excel spreadsheet statistics, rather than people, narratives, case studies and stories.

When your people take center stage, are they relaxed and authentic? Are they capable of arousing an audience? Do they know how to use storytelling, metaphors, similes and imagery to highlight their communication and place it in a real-world context? Do they parade out a litany of raw numbers, or do they talk about what the numbers mean and why they’re relevant?

Your No. 1 management and leadership tool is the spoken word. Regrettably, few business executives and managers are effective in front of audiences because they have never been trained in public speaking skills. They have never learned the time-tested techniques required for becoming an effective communicator. They have never been taught how to take command of a room.

Tools for presenting from the stage

What I teach is conversational public speaking, a form of public speaking that replicates the one-on-one conversation in an audience setting. My public speaking seminars instruct business executives, managers, sales professionals, marketing operatives and others…

Training sessions include real-world examples, including video clips of history’s greatest public speakers, as well as the best in contemporary presentation skills. A workshop format is used to give participants opportunities to practice the most powerful and opportune techniques found in any public speaking seminars.

Effective public speaking is the polish that shines the company’s brand, and it’s one of the activities that drives revenue. Is your team up to the challenge? Is it projecting confidence? Is it delivering the goods? Or are they talking past your key constituents?

Ineffective public speaking is a serious issue for any company because the stakes are high. Inability to perform on this front results in communication that tarnishes an organization’s reputation by obscuring its message and confusing its investors, customers, prospects, employees, partners, vendors and other important constituents.

Conversational public speaking

Let me teach your people the power of conversational presenting. My public speaking seminars will arm them with a well-developed set of public and interpersonal speaking skills.

All it takes is a single person to elevate the performance of those around them.

Help your team develop the skills it needs to prepare and deliver speeches that transfix their audiences. Let's start the conversation. Let’s schedule a public speaking seminar for your company. Call me at 704-622-1479. Or, you can send an inquiry to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).