Read what people are saying about Mike Consol's PowerPoint presentation training sessions

Mike, it was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you present at the American Society for Training and Development meeting. You are a dynamic presenter and modeled the best practices of a great speaker. Your presentation content will be helpful in my work with coaching our scientists making public presentations.

— Kristi Matal, training specialist,
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

You had the entire room spellbound. Nicely done.

— John Cooper, learning and development specialist,
EUL Technologies

Perfect pitch today. You came with the right topic and presentation — with everyone leaving with something to elevate their game. Thanks for coming and sharing.

— Anthony Sandberg, founder,
OCSC Sailing

Last month I enjoyed reading your blog post, "Adding the 'touch factor' to your PowerPoint presentation." So much so, in fact, that I was inspired to blog about the subject myself in a post called "You Can't Taste PowerPoint." I liked the ideas you presented because I think that many people forget that it's possible to engage all the senses during a presentation. Thanks for your great post!

— Laura Foley,
Laure M. Foley Design

Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! Lots of spark and enthusiasm. You are such a pro, and you left me (us) wanting more. That's a good thing. Believe me when I tell you that I've mentioned you and your expertise many times to clients and to business friends. I believe business writing and public presentation courses should be required, like immunizations.

— Linda Rimac Colberg, principal,
Colberg & Company

Scoring points with presentation software

You know the scenario. Man meets PowerPoint. Man fills PowerPoint slides with text. Man reads text aloud. Audience descends into slumber.

Give a business person the task of making a presentation of any kind and they almost invariably turn to PowerPoint or a similar presentation software program – and with good reason. PowerPoint allows information to be presented in ways that accord with the different learning styles of audience members.

For that reason alone it's important that businesspeople know how to assemble and present a PowerPoint presentation that enhances their authority, prestige and ability to persuade.

Unfortunately, as those of us who have sat through hundreds of PowerPoint presentations know, PowerPoint presentation training is sorely needed from the highest to lowest levels of corporate America. When a business person has not had the benefit of rigorous PowerPoint presentation training, we see a common set of bad habits that undermine the presenter’s efforts. The untrained presenter fails to:

Rather, the slides dominate the proceedings. Instead of taking command of the presentation, the presenter plays the subsidiary role of simply advancing the slides and reading text to the audience.

Getting the power out of PowerPoint

Suppose instead your people have been given PowerPoint presentation training, put themselves at center stage and turned the PowerPoint program into the supporting technology it was designed to be. Suppose the slides emphasized evocative imagery rather than text, prompting an emotional or visceral response from audience members. Suppose your people assumed the rightful role of narrator.

Lastly, suppose your people knew the finer points of:

  • Strategic slide design
  • The Three Second Rule
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Proper slide interaction
  • Creating the unforgettable moment

No more Death by PowerPoint

Executives such as Apple CEO Steve Jobs and environmental activist Al Gore have raised the PowerPoint presentation to an art form. You don't need to reach for the stars. Far less exalted and highly-produced PowerPoint presentations can be extremely effective for everyday executives, if they learn the presentation skills that are so often overlooked by even the most experienced corporate leaders.

I conduct PowerPoint presentation training sessions that teach executive-level PowerPoint and general presentation skills. It emphasizes taking command of a room, connecting with one's audience and conveying ideas through visual thinking, storytelling and persuasion. It also teaches how to best display those ideas in a well-organized PowerPoint deck.

I’m anxious to work with your organization. Call 704-622-1479 now, or write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).