How to successfully moderate panel discussions — tip #7

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A stand-up public speaking lesson from a stand-up comic

Stand-up comic John DeKoven, the man behind Bunjo’s Comedy Productions, teaches a valuable lesson for public speakers—and his fellow comedians—each time he takes the stage. Click on the headline and this video will explain.

The key to successful networking at business events

You’re at a business event, and there are people standing around. Many people are wallflowers in social situations, which means that a lot of people struggle to work a room. A common complaint is: “I just don’t know what to say.” The truth is networking can be made simple if we just keep one key activity in mind. This video explains.

How to successfully moderate panel discussions — tip #6 of 15

This is the sixth of a series of 15 tips for successfully moderating panel discussions.

What infomercials teach us about persuasion – in three simple steps

Yes, infomericals can be really annoying, but they sell a ton of product – that’s why they never go away. Infomercials work. But they work because they have found the magic formula, the same formula we can use in our efforts to persuade – whether when writing or speaking in public. Every infomercial uses the same basic three-step formula. This video explains.

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