You have probably never heard about these three public speaking tips

If you Google “public speaking tips,” you’ll find a plethora of articles on the subject. Some are helpful, but others not so much, writes Rhett Power in a column he penned for Inc. magazine. So, how do you distinguish between useful methods and shady tricks that will only diminish the quality of your presentation?

Rhett Power

The short answer is to avoid the same strategies we have all exhausted. How many times have you heard “Picture everyone in their underwear,” or “Don’t over-rehearse?” The goal is to connect with the members of your audience; picturing them naked and refusing to aggressively prepare is distracting and counterproductive.
Tips like “Always use a PowerPoint” and “Start with a joke” should be jettisoned in favor of more relevant strategies used by the professionals. Steve Jobs, for instance, didn’t rely heavily on slide shows. Instead, he rehearsed extensively to tell an effective, emotional story. Jobs is a prime example of a presenter who successfully avoided hackneyed presentation tactics.
What are those three public speaking tips Rhett Power is betting you’ve never heard about? Check out his column on the subject in Inc. by clicking here.