Why writing skills are so important

April 16, 2018 | Writing

Winston Churchill: “History will treat me kindly because I intend to be the one who writes it.”

Writing has never been a more important business skill than it is today. Alas, too many professionals consider it secondary, tertiary or even non-essential. This is catastrophic for professionals aiming to influence the company brain trust and advance their careers. The invention of email and social media channels alone dictate that effective written communication is more important than ever.

Poorly designed and written marketing proposals, sales letters, website copy, reports, memos, PowerPoint slides, press releases and speeches result in lost business and cast an unprofessional light on companies with otherwise valuable products and services.

Everything a company does is driven by the written word. Every important initiative is communicated and documented in writing. Yet, most companies never train their people how to write with clarity, accuracy and brevity, let alone how to add power and persuasion to the important thoughts and concepts they must communicate.

What many fail to realize is that writing skills are applicable to a host of other professional and personal endeavors, because good writing is all about good thinking — clear, well-structured thoughts easily understood and absorbed by recipients. The ability to achieve that is critical to professional advancement.

We have all had the experience of knowing a bright person, only to be shocked after they produce a cruddy piece of writing, one that suggests their education is incomplete. That is not the person who climbs to positions of authority and influence. Contrast that experience with the person who writes something captivating, intelligent and persuasive, and how our estimation of such people immediately rises. That is the person stacking the odds of professional advancement in their favor. Why? Because there is almost no other skill suggestive of both technical and emotional intelligence.

There are a multitude of reasons any professional should improve their writing skills, including that it:

  • Amplifies your creativity
  • Turns you into a go-to person
  • Increases your influence
  • Gives you the power to promote yourself
  • Highlights your intelligence

When so many people write so badly, it is especially impressive when an individual differentiates himself or herself with a talent for writing.

Mike Consol teaches public speaking, PowerPoint presentation skills and business writing workshops to companies and business professionals. Contact him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 925-449-1040.