How your organization can benefit from a writing center

March 06, 2017 | Writing

Billions of dollars are lost by the business community every year in lost productivity. That is a lesson that was not lost on the leadership at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, as detailed in a recent Harvard Business Review blog post. It is the story of how a group of bank examiners at the Philadelphia Fed hired a writing coach to improve the bank examiners’ writing by focusing on ways to make it more efficient and succinct, streamline the review process, and generally make the documents clearer and more effective. Specifically, a writing center was opened to, something unusual for the corporate world but common at colleges and universities.

Coaching sessions at the Philadelphia Fed writing center typically have two goals: 1) to improve the specific document being edited and, 2) train the writer in better techniques so his or her writing improves over time. Some points about how the writing center operates:

>> The program is voluntary
>> The feedback is in-person or by phone
>> The writing center encourages repeat visits, and got them at a 63% rate
>> They measure the results to prove the program worked

The upshot: Ratings from the organization’s managers show a 36% improvement in overall quality, driven largely by improved organization and clarity of participants’ writing.

Could a writing center do the same for your organization? Learn more on the matter from the Harvard Business Review article by clicking here.

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