How to combat the anxiety of public speaking

November 30, 2017 | Presentations, Verbal communication

One of the veterans of the public speaking business is Olivia Mitchell and, by her own acknowledgement, she still gets nervous about public speaking — as do I. But she transformed her relationship with the nervousness of stage fright and now treats it as a friendly companion rather than a menacing stalker.

It’s amazing what a person can accomplish by consciously changing their mindset. Mitchell says there have been many aspects to her transformation, and one of those aspects is explored in a recent blog post, and that’s what your nervousness says about your confidence. Mitchell says that, in the past, she assumed her nervousness meant that she wasn’t confident. She writes, “My thinking went like this: ‘If I was confident then surely I wouldn’t be nervous. Since I was always nervous, it meant I wasn’t confident.’”

But she eventually discovered that nervousness is not a sign of lack of confidence, that a person can be nervous and confident at the same time. How can confidence and nervousness co-exist? Click here to read her post and learn more how you can reframe the fear of public speaking.