Have an offensive (rather than defensive) mindset when presenting

Years ago, when Carol Bartz was the CEO of Yahoo, a presentation coach was working with one of their executives. The coach asked him, “What do you think about when you’re on stage?” He said, “I’m just thinking about Carol. She’s in the front row and if she’s happy, I’m happy.” That’s a defensive mindset. So, the presentation coach said, “Don’t think about one person, think about the other 999 people that are in the audience — what do they need to do? Where do they need to go? Help them understand the why and lean into them to do it. If you do that, Carol Bartz, will be happier and more impressed.”
That presentation coach was Ben Decker, and he just wrote a blog post about that experience and why he is an advocate of taking an offensive mindset to the stage. I ardently concur, and suggest you give Mr. Decker’s article a read.

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