7 secrets getting a piece of writing completed every week

December 09, 2017 | Writing

Tammy Letherer says Vince Reidsma was the father of a childhood friend — the guy who kept the pool clean so the kids could swim all summer. Years later, Letherer was reconnected with Reidsma, this time as a fellow writer and friend. Reidsma, she discovered, has been writing a weekly column called “Just a Thought” for the Holland Sentinel in Michigan for 27 years, and his specialty is writing poetry that rhymes, a feat that would overwhelm most writers.

Letherer — a writing coach and author of the novel, Hello Loved Ones, and an upcoming memoir titled The Buddha at My Table — was naturally interested in learning from Reidsma the nuts and bolts of the exacting writing chore he faces each week, and how he has sustained that momentum for nearly 30 years. The result of that inquiry was an articulation of seven secrets identified by Vince Reidsma, and published by Letherer in the Huffington Post. Click here to read that account.