6 steps for writers to improve their creativity and productivity

January 31, 2018 | Writing
Cathy Pickens (photo:
Libby Dickinson)

Cathy Pickens, author of the Southern Fried Mysteries, spent 30 years teaching graduate students at Queens University’s McColl School of Business, where she was a tenured professor with an endowed ch¬¬air. (There, students knew her not by her pen name but her real name, Cathy Anderson.) Pickens recognized that many of her pupils had creative interests, “but as business students, they hadn’t been encouraged to develop or use their creative side.” Since Pickens is a “doer” — a get-it-done type of person — she decided to develop an elective class on creativity. It was an enormous hit from the beginning.

Pickens went on to conduct creativity workshops with Fortune 500 CEOs, dancers, painters, and more. And, of course, she’s taught many writers. Since leaving Queens University in 2016, Pickens has been concentrating on her creative consulting and working on a book about how to develop the creative process. In an article that features her in The Writer magazine, she provides some tips for increasing a writer’s creativity and productivity. Click here to read her six tips for improving creativity and productivity, as reported by Allison Futterman is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, N.C.

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