6 self-editing tips for improving your copy

November 24, 2017 | Writing

Some writing lands on editors’ desk in excellent form, but a lot of it requires serious work with the red pen. Generally, editors are happy to help their writers to develop better copy. The most annoying thing, though, is when writers fail at the most basic technical writing hurdles. They should not spend their time replacing adverbs with strong verbs or changing from passive to active voice. These changes can and should be completed by the writer when they do their own first edit.

Lisa Lepki — an independent author, a staffer at ProWritingAid.com, and an active member of the “grammar police” — says taking a little time for self-editing can impress your editor and readers and improve your writing skills. She cites six common problems to fix before turning over your copy to an editor or your readers. Click here to read her blog post on the topic.