5 public speaking myths that should have long ago been debunked

January 07, 2018 | Presentations, Verbal communication

Ken Sterling, executive vice president and chief revenue officer at BigSpeak, is a keynote speaker and lecturer at UC Santa Barbara in strategy and marketing. Sterling writes that, whether you’re speaking to a full auditorium or giving a casual work presentation, getting up in front of an audience can be daunting — even terrifying. If you feel paralyzed with fear before approaching the podium, you’re not alone: Public speaking is people’s top fear.

Unfortunately, public speaking is surrounded by an aura of negativity, largely perpetuated by a series of misconceptions. Sterling, in a column he wrote for Forbes magazine, urges public presenters to not let these common myths deter them from delivering a confident speech. Click here for the five myths that should have long ago been debunked.

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